Small Business Loans

The Peterborough Community Futures Development Corporation (PCFDC) is a federally funded lending agency providing loans of up to $250,000 to small businesses in the City and County of Peterborough. The Peterborough CFDC has invested more than $20,000,000 helping 700+ small businesses create or maintain 2600+ jobs since 1985.

You can set up an appointment to discuss your financing requirements – there is no obligation to apply for a loan and our services are free of charge.


To be considered for a loan from the Peterborough CFDC, you must: 

  • be planning to locate, start or expand business operations in the City or County of Peterborough
  • have reasonable security
  • have a solid credit history
  • have a business number

Loan Application Process

Complete applications (loan application, business plan, cash flow forecast & personal net worth statement) along with the application fee must be received by the application deadline. 

Your application will be reviewed by our Business Loans Officer who will contact you for additional information.

Application Fee: $50 by cash or cheque payable at time of application submission

Application Deadline: Last Tuesday of each month for most loan types

Download Loan Application Forms Here:

Business Loan Application

Business Improvement Loan Application 

Please also complete a Cash Flow Statement and a Personal Net Worth Statement (one for each applicant) to include with your Loan Application:

Cash Flow Forecast

Personal Net Worth Statement

If you can’t edit Microsoft Word or Excel files, please contact us and we would be happy to email you a different format.

Peterborough CFDC - Proud Supporter of Local Economic Development


Types of Small Business Loans

General Business Loan

The Peterborough CFDC provides qualified borrowers loans up to $250,000.

Applicants are invited to meet with our Board of Directors on the third Tuesday of each month. Loan decisions are made locally, usually at this meeting.

Maximum Loan Amount: $250,000

Newcomer Loan

Designed to assist newcomers and/or long time immigrants (with either Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status) with the flexibility to invest in their new or existing businesses. Applicants must be a past or current client of the New Canadian Centre. Loans are available to provide capital for start-up, capital purchase and ongoing working capital.

Maximum Loan Amount: $250,000

Youth Loan

Offered to young entrepreneurs ages 18 – 30, looking to start or expand their business in Peterborough County.

Maximum Loan Amount: $250,000

Accessibility Loan

Offered to new and existing businesses and not-for-profit organizations, the Accessibility Loan can provide you with up to $25,000 for renovations/updates to your facility to meet and exceed Accessibility Standards.

Maximum Loan Amount: $25,000

Building Retrofit Loan

Offered to new and existing businesses who are undertaking building retrofits to existing commercial spaces, the Building Retrofit loan can provide you with up to $50,000 interest free to renovate your space. Program ends March 31, 2018.

Maximum Loan Amount: $50,000

Equipment Loan

Designed to assist with the purchase of capital assets including equipment and commercial vehicles

Maximum Loan Amount: $50,000

Operating Loan

Designed to assist with the purchase of inventory or working capital with interest only repayment and a balloon payment at loan maturity

Maximum Loan Amount: $100,000

Micro Loan

Need money sooner rather than later? We’re help to help?
Offering short term loans with a quick turn-around time, we are ready to help you with financing up to $10,000.

Maximum Loan Amount: $10,000
Continuous intake and decision made within 48 hours

Business Improvement Loan

Designed to assist with physical improvements to existing facilities to stimulate growth and further long term development. Eligible activities include:

  • New signage
  • Renovations for the purpose of expanding retail space
  • Cosmetic improvements to improve customer experience
  • New demonstration areas

Maximum Loan Amount: $10,000
Continuous intake and decision made within 48 hours